Why Aweber Is a Great Tool For Email Marketing

Aweber Is a Great Tool For Email Marketing

If you are ever involved in email marketing, you need a tool to provide a systematized tracking and organized approach. Aweber was one of the first email marketing companies around, is known as a solid player in the game. After hearing several well-respected website owners and business owners swear by Aweber, I decided to jump in. I’ve never regretted it.

It is a proven fact that most people don’t respond to an offer until they have been exposed to it several times. Some experts say that the average person has to see an offer at least seven times before they will actually respond.

Under current law, a recipient has to agree to be marketed to. In other words, in order to combat unwanted email, or spam, a recipient has to have the opportunity of “opting out” of any email that is received. So any email marketing program must provide the means of not only making the offer, but of also tracking the results.

Emails Sent From Aweber Actually Make It To Your Subscribers’ Inbox (not the spam box)

Aweber provides all of this plus all of the necessary tools to create and package attractive marketing email formats for recipients that inform and make it clear what the choices are for the recipient. In addition, emails from Aweber have a much better chance of actually making it to your subscriber’s inbox (as opposed to dreaded spam box).

Drip Marketing Is Awesome

The ability to conduct “drip marketing” is very important in an email marketing campaign. This is where messages are sent out automatically at different intervals to prospective customers to keep your offer in front of them. This is a proven method of marketing, as the recipient has the opportunity with each email to opt out. However if they choose not to opt out, then the software continues to market to them for as long as the campaign is set.

The mechanism that performs the repeated emails over a period of time is called an autoresponder. With each message that is sent, usually a call to action is included in the email, giving the recipient the chance to take action and purchase the product or service that is being offered.

Aweber provides a very easy-to-follow sequence of setting all of this up, so that you have an organized and trackable campaign. It is almost a “set it and forget it” procedure. As the campaign ensues, you are notified of sales and opt outs, so that you are always informed. You will also have a record of all the opt ins and opt outs, just in case you are ever required to provide those records.

In conclusion, you can see why Aweber is considered such a great tool. It is reliable, offers extensive functionality, and is very easy to use. I’d say it’s worth every penny.


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