The Benefits Of Email Marketing Vs. Print Postal Mailings

The Benefits Of Email Marketing Vs. Print Postal Mailings

The apparition of internet and email changed the way people communicate. Everything got much faster, we can be connected with our beloved one at any given time and we can read their messages to us just seconds after they sent them. The benefits of email marketing are also worth mentioning, since they help businesses reach their actual and potential customers in a more efficient manner and at significantly reduced costs compared to traditional print postal mailings. Here are the benefits of email marketing that should determine any business owner to include it in his development strategy:

It’s Cheap

It costs almost nothing to send an email, which is awesome.

It would be quite expensive to send out letters to thousands of people. The printing and postage stamps alone would cost you quite a lot. Besides, you need a designer to make a layout for your documents and prepare them for printing. Then you need envelopes and people to fold the letters and put them inside the envelopes. Moreover, you need someone to carry the letters from your headquarters to the post office.


It’s Flexible

Print mailings need time from the idea to sending out the letters. With email marketing, you can have an idea just now, write it down in a newsletter and send it to an entire list of thousands of people. Moreover, thanks to specialized email marketing software (like Aweber), you can personalize and automate the messages, so that each user receives a version that’s crafted especially for him or for her at set time intervals.

It Has Better Tracking Possibilities

When you send out print letters, you have no idea what percentage of your recipients actually opened the letter. With email marketing, you can know exactly who received your letters, who opened them and who took action following your messages. It is easy to follow up with customized messages afterwards, so that people who did not open the message to receive a reminder, those who opened it to receive a follow up and those who took action to receive a perk you may have promised them in your first communication.

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