Email Marketing Online Course Testimonials:


Email marketing in a effective way! Loved Chamira tips in this course… working now more confortable with my mailing lists and try to obtain better results! Thanks!

Very helpful. This course helped me understand how email marketing works and the do’s and don’t’. Thank you Chamira!!

The roadmap for beginners! I’ve never used a system like this before and I think I would have been intimidated without these step by step instructions. I was able to look at the video once to get an understanding of the process and then use it again as I completed the various steps. Thank you so much. I recommend this for anyone just getting started.

Excellent beginning email marketing course. I enjoy this class with the straight to the point email marketing objectives. I picked up several tips like adding the signup form on Facebook, Subject Lines and Call To Action. I’m currently using MailChimp which has many of the same features at Aweber.

Learn about Effective Email Marketing practices. It is worth your time! I enjoyed learning more about Aweber and have found the PDF guides to be very useful. What I especially liked about this course was the case studies and also the course guide at the end. The class was easy-to-follow, organized and gave good tips.

Very good. I needed to do a quick refresh for Aweber and I found this course very helpful plus I managed to learn a few things. Sweet!

Great course for the beginning email marketer. This course is a perfect introduction to email marketing. It has great, usable content that is easily understandable for those who are new to the practice of marketing.

The course was excellent. Quickly getting to the point and explaining how to get more traffic.


Good for covering the basics of email marketing. Chamira does a great job of covering the basics in setting up email marketing using AWeber. She has a very down-to-earth way of teaching plus provides some good extras in the case studies to help with basic strategy.

Solid email marketing basics and strategies. The course was simple, straightforward, covered lots of material with no fluff. I enjoyed the added PDFs and extra tips along with the walkthrough a from setting up your account to creating follow up auto responders. Fantastic beginners course and highly recommended.

Photography Online Course Testimonial:


A top quality course with good advice from a pro. Ok I’m not a pro in photo, but I really enjoy digging in the workflow of a pro. that’s well done (good sound, great video) and top quality in the narrative tone and facts. So, big thank you. and of course, I want more ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Web Hosting and WordPress Online Course Testimonials:


Thank you for making things simple, simple, that is so valuable!

Perfect Start! I’m Very happy to find this simple nice course which i was searching about it, and it was such a great course for me to could understand this important start up points to build my website which without knowing it, i cant do anything. thank you Chamira ๐Ÿ™‚

Simple and to the point! Thank you Chamira, I am jumping right into this WordPress adventure! Very nice work!!

Great basic information to get started. I was able to initiate the website even though the Domain was purchased from godaddy and the site hosting was provided by freehosting.com

Nice Course. Perfect course for beginners . Everything well explained.

Your class is AWESOME. I am a newbie to wordpress and found this course to be perfect for beginners. It was clear and precise. The direction Chamira provides is step by step.

Simple and straight forward. Concise and easy to follow instruction.

Excellent!!!. A wonderful WordPress course for beginners.

Muy buen curso si comienzas a usar wordpress en un servicio de web hosting.

No nonsense explanations. Thank you for getting to the point! I finally ‘get it’.

Fantastic course for anyone completely new to WP. I had been thinking about getting myself a WP website and to be honest didn’t even know how to install wordpress. If you are a beginner to web hosting and WP installation then this course is the best place to start. I absolutely LOVED Chamira’s teaching style and will be looking out for any other courses she teaches.

Great course for newbies! The instructor makes it pretty clear up front who this course is for (best for those just starting out or intimidated by WP and/or hosting services, those on a budget, etc) and who it’s not (not about customizing themes or more advanced topics). This is a fantastic course for newbies! I went through a similar course yesterday, and although it was much longer in course content, I didn’t learn half as much as I did with this short course. Worth your time! AND, she is a great instructor. Easy to follow, nice audio, doesn’t talk over your headโ€ฆand the list goes on.

Simple yet wonderful. Very clear and concise – for anybody nervous about starting this course helps you get into wordpress without any fear.

Start with this course. If you’re new to hosting and WordPress, don’t be afraid! Take this course! It’s short and clear, straight to the point, and will help you get familiar with WordPress and hosting basics.

Superb course.

Design Your Business Website Online Course Testimonials:


Fantastic Bravo. One of the best courses I have taken. Great job!

Good course, easy to follow demonstrations.

The course was very straight forward and easy to follow. Its a great course to take if you want to learn the basics of designing your website.

Clear concise and uncomplicated. An easy step by step guide to constructing your first website.

Just amazing. Thank you Chamira that the only thing I can say ๐Ÿ™‚

Well delivered. I do lots of WordPress sites each year and I’m always curious about other CMS tools but never really had the time to look at them. Chamira did a really great job at introducing LightCMS and making it look user-friendly and fun. I’m not sure if I could convince a client to consider it over WordPress, especially if they are going to have to make monthly payment after they would have paid me to set it up, but learning new skills is always plus in my book and Chamira is a good teacher.

Simple and effective. Great tutorial, it was incredibly helpful and easy to follow!

Excellent. Very good course content … I use WordPress a lot so it was interesting to go through this course and learn what I’ve been missing ๐Ÿ™‚

A real Web Presence. This was the easiest class I have ever taken on the web. I was reluctant to building a WordPress site for many of the reasons stated in the intro. I am a Joomla site builder and found WordPress to intimidating to take on. However I am glad I found this class because it put all of my fears to rest.

Photography Photo Shoot Testimonials:


Chamira is one of the most talented photographers I have met in a long time. Most photographers can take a picture, and so can I, but Chamira tells a story with her photography. She is very talented. I am very pleased with Amanda Elliott’s photo shoot with Chamira. I don’t hand out recommendations lightly, but I know talent when I see it and Chamira has the ‘It’ factor.


Chamira did my son’s Senior Pics and we had a wonderful time and the pictures where just FANTASTIC!”





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