Practical Tips To Grow Your Email List

Practical Strategies To Grow Your Email List: A Visual Presentation

For those of you who like to consume information quickly, this presentation is clickable. Click through each slide to go from one to the next. 🙂


Transcript for you readers:

1. Grow Your Email List
Practical and Actionable Strategies
2. Offer a valuable opt- in incentive.
3. Get strategic on where you put your opt-in forms on your website.
4. Note: The sidebar is a given!
Get creative: Put an opt-in form on your About Page, and in your footer too
5. Identify your MOST popular posts…
6. …and then put opt-in forms on those pages.
7. Create special opt-in offers related to that specific content.
8. This is known as the “content upgrade”
9. Use pop-ups intelligently.
Don’t overwhelm your website visitors.
10. Want a free 3 Part Video Series to walk you through all this craziness?
11. AND free, downloadable PDF Guides to help you take action?
12. No problem 🙂  Check out

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