Interior Designers and Art Consultants

My goal is to provide stellar work, while making the process as easy and painless as possible for you and your client.

Make the process of acquiring high quality art as easy as possible in 4 steps:


Step 1: Listen to my short audio greeting below. I recorded it just for you.


Step 2: Browse my art and photography work. Or, read below to learn more first.


You work really, really hard.

From initial consultations with your clients, to keeping within their budgets, to working with architects and designers, your time is valuable. It takes a ton of effort, and you take pride in your work. You leave a space better than when you found it. You change the way people live.

Art is important (I’m biased, yes). It’s also just one part of the overall equation.

Your decisions are based on project scope, style, scale, space planning, color trends, comfort, order, beauty, safety, functionality, and efficient execution. I recognize that all of these details contribute to a project’s success, even as I infuse the art pieces with my own artistic touch.

My Process:

I create digital art, which allows me to adjust the colors as necessary, even after-the-fact, according to your project’s color palette. Having worked for years under tight deadlines as a graphic designer, layout designer, and photographer, I would be great to form a long-term relationship with because I understand tight deadlines, the importance of pleasing your client, and staying within budget. I also understand that my art will not be the focal point of a given room – but rather, a piece that will enhance all of the others components of your overall design. I’m able to quickly create new pieces, as well as adjust past work to fit your project.

Many of my pieces are digital art and photography, meaning you can order them as-is, or I can customize existing pieces to your specific color palette, size, material, and finish. If you work with a custom framer or vendor, I can work with them too in order to get everything right for the space you are designing.


Step 3: Take special note of the following details below.

1. Take the risk out of purchasing art by virtually “hanging” my art on your client’s wall using with the use of free app, available for the iPhone and iPad, and also Android.

2. If you need an original commissioned piece for the space you’re designing, I’m happy to do that.

3. For maximum impact, my works are large (around 3ft+), although they can also be ordered smaller, naturally.

4. My art and photography comes in series. In each series, there are at least 3 pieces (usually more) that relate to each other, just in case you need multiple pieces in a similar style.

5. I offer a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee – If you order my art, receive it, and then realize it’s not a good fit for the space, return it within 30 days and you will get a refund.

Step 4: Check out my work or connect with me.


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