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Resources + Tools

Here are some resources and tools that we use.

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If you are a designer looking to get in touch with other contractors, be they designers or web pros or engineers, then I would highly recommend this site. We use it daily here at Chamira Studios. It features talent from all over the world, including the U.S., and allows you to view contractor’s portfolios and post calls for talent according to what you need. Once I found out they will automatically pay the contractors you hire on a weekly basis, I was hooked. One less thing to worry about. And when I learned they have a pretty efficient time tracking feature, I was doubly hooked. I go into the numerous advantages of hiring extra help in a recent blog post, and would recommend this site as a key tool that makes it easier.

This site is great if you’re a freelancer looking for work as well. That goes without saying. In a few minutes you can get a profile up and running, and starting searching for the work that suits you best.

–>You can check out their site here.


This is an excellent source for stock photos that won’t break your wallet. Plus, they have a decent “free images” section, although it has a stricter license. In addition, if you’re a photographer and are looking to make royalties with stock photos sites, this is one worth checking out. Last time I checked, they had one of the better royalty payment plans.

–> You can check out their site here.


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