Answers to the most common questions.

What kind of art do you do?
I do both Graphic Design (brochures, flyers, business cards, logos, marketing material, etc.) and Illustration, which includes fine art.  I enjoy both and find that knowledge of one complements the other.

 What are your qualifications as an artist/designer?
I studied at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design and have a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

 In the case of graphic design, do you print the finished product once the project is completed?
No,  I am not a commercial printer.  I assist in the design aspect of your project so that you may have it printed according to your needs upon completion.

If I ask you to do some art/design work for me, how long should I expect that to take?
That varies greatly with the project.  One of the first discussions we’ll have is about the timeline and how many days/weeks we need to allow for each phase.

 Do you prefer to do graphic design or fine art?
Although I started off the old-fashioned way—drawing with pencil and paper—I’ve come to enjoy graphic design as much as illustration.  Principles from one area of art often cross overs, as is the case with these two.

 In the case of fine art, what’s your preferred style?
That depends.  I’ll often work in one style for a while, and then move into another.  It keeps things interesting to switch it up a bit.

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