Double Opt In Forms Explained

Double Opt In Forms Explained

In the Internet there is this debate concerning the advantages and disadvantages of a double opt in forms for Internet subscriptions. Most of the ethical marketers truly view it as the main way of building lists that have qualified entries. Others however, have the fear of losing too many of subscribers during the process of confirmation.

It Makes Sure People Want Your Content

The founder of Aweber, Tom Kulzer has a strong belief that it is very important to make sure that newsletters and messages are only sent to those persons who have confirmed their permission for receiving them. Ethical double opt in forms are the best way to actually do this. In fact, within Aweber there are specific policies and procedures to ensure that the product ensures that the system is not abused.

Double opt in works in a very simple way. The web designer will design a form or link in the auto responder software. This form or link will then be placed in an email or webpage. The form will seek information from the readers in normally with some reward attached. The reader’s inputted details will not appear into the webmaster or marketer’s list until it has been confirmed.

It Protects Against Fake Emails

Therefore, the reader will fill in the form which is the initial opt in, and then he or she will confirm that they actually filled in the form which is the second opt in. This step is important since it prevents them from entering email addresses that are fake. This is important to the marketer or webmaster so that they have accurate details of their subscribers in their list.
Every piece of communication that is sent out to the subscriber will carry an “Unsubscribe” option. This is not only a good ethical decision on the part of the Auto responder providers, but it is also a requirement by law in numerous countries also. A good example here is the CAN SPAM Act of the United States which governs email communications from commercial marketers.

In conclusion, that is how the double opt in forms work. The process is very simple: a potential subscriber offers their details in exchange for some reward which is opt in number one. The subscriber will then have to confirm their details before getting the reward which is the second opt in. The subscriber now gets the reward promised and the web master or marketer gets the subscriberís details in an ethical manner. At the end of it all, everyone is satisfied.

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