Case Study: Galaxy Ball 2014

Case Study: Galaxy Ball 2014

This was a fun project, and a volunteer one. It was the Black United Fund Galaxy Ball, held in Detroit in late October 2014. It was a full on gala, complete with a VIP Red Carpet, dinner, a presentation, and fashion show, featuring the designs of international sensation Kevan Hall. I was part of a team of six extremely talented photographers, and we were ready to roll.

As with any event photography gig, there was a pre-established “order of service”, but you still always have to be on your toes to capture every moment.

I recall directing the line at the Red Carpet, and having a local TV news anchor pop up to have her photo taken. Having seen her face just about every day on tv, I felt like I already knew her. So much so, that the first gushing words out of my mouth were, “Hi! How are you doing?” as if we were old friends having just spoken the week before. The hilarious part was that she greeted me the exact same way, and then I ushered her to her spot on the carpet for photos.

Good times.

The entire evening was a blast, but by far my favorite portion of the evening was the fashion show. See photos below.

By the end of the evening, we were tired, worn out, and with aching feet, but we were happy.



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