Case Study: Compassion Pregnancy Center Website Redesign

Case Study: Compassion Pregnancy Center Website Redesign

The Need

The Compassion Pregnancy Center approached me to re-design their website through a referral (which is why I love referrals). Their story was similar to many others I’d heard: they were dissatisfied with their (then) current web design, which had grown obsolete over the years. They also wanted some additional functionality, such a contact form, which would make it easy for people to contact them. Their final request was that the site was built in such a way that they could update it themselves when it was complete.

The Process

Once all of the details were ironed out and the paperwork was signed, the actual re-design was relatively quick. I chose to build the site in WordPress. They wanted a clean, modern design, and I was happy to comply. When it was all complete, I took the extra step of recording some quick how-to videos so that they would know how to keep WordPress, their theme, and their plugins up to date. In addition, I recorded another video showing how to edit the content on their site and add photos.

The Result

The end result? More people contacting them through their form, and it was almost immediate. The director actually sent me an email expressing her surprise at the volume of people reaching out to them on a daily basis.

All of this from a clean, re-designed, easy-to-navigate website with a contact form.

Mission accomplished.

Here’s a screenshot for your viewing pleasure:



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