Artist Spotlight: New Baltimore Art on the Bay

This past Saturday, September 1, 2012, I decided to head down to the Third Annual Art on the Bay in downtown New Baltimore. I decided it would be a good idea to spend a few minutes talking to some of the creative minds and see what was going on with the local scene. The weather was perfect, there was a nice breeze coming from Lake St. Clair, and it would also be my first time seeing the show. No better time to seize the moment than the present, I’d say.

Sharon Lee Portait

Sharon Lee, of Sharon Lee Designs

Sharon Lee Jewelry Design was the first tent I approached. After watching me attempt to discretely snap photos of her beautiful jewelry with my large, heavy camera, she offered a friendly, somewhat shy hello. This initiated a brief but friendly conversation that allowed me to learn a bit about her. From the Canton, MI area, she informed me she had been creating jewelry for 8 or 9 years. I informed her that I was taking photos of different artists’ work for inclusion in my blog, to which she responded positively. Make sure to take a look at her work in the photos with this article, because it’s absolutely exquisite.

Urban Pottery Works

Urban Pottery Works Sample

From there, I meandered along to other tents to see what more there was in the way of variety, which included traditional oil paintings, clothing, and organic soaps and lotions. Eventually, I found myself at the tent of Urban Pottery Works. By this time, I had down my routine of first doing a brief lap inside the tent, and then directly approaching the artist, who by then would be inevitably keeping tabs on the artsy bohemian wanderer with a keen eye. Ruth Jensen, the owner, was very warm and friendly, and offered me a business card (which was very well designed, I might add). I proceeded to snap some shots of her work, marveling at the cups and bowls that stood with a solid, dignified air. Her business card summed it up well: stoneware pottery that was handmade and functional. And well-designed to boot! Her experience working at Pewabic Pottery in Detroit was clear. Photos of her work are included as well.

Bring On Next Year.

Needless to say, a few minutes turned into an hour as I wandered and chatted with other artists. I would have stayed longer had I not had a prior engagement to attend to. In the future, I would love to see this art show spill out onto Washington Street and essentially take over downtown New Baltimore (If you’ve ever been to the Ann Arbor Art Fair — Go Blue! –, you know what I mean). In any case, I enjoyed this event as a newcomer, and look forward to next year. Bring it on!

Below are more photos from that day:

Sharon Lee Jewelry

Sharon Lee Jewelry

Sharon Lee Jewelry

Urban Pottery Works

Urban Pottery Works


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