Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Chamira's Profile PictureChamira Young, Owner. “From an early age, I knew that art would play a large part in my life, although others often told me that it was not the most lucrative career choice, to say the least.  For this reason, I briefly considered engineering and architecture, but at the end of the day I always came back to art.  After high school, I rolled up my sleeves and decided to go for a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design.  Four years later, I had earned my degree and was ready to pursue it professionally.

“Since then, I have never regretted that choice.  Not once.”



Ligia Morales Ligia Morales, Graphic Designer. “Ever since I was little, I was attracted to colors and shapes. It was natural in me to look for a nicer way to present everything.  I went to college and got my Graphic Design degree.  Since then, I have been designing and working on graphic projects. Since design is my passion, I guess I could say I haven’t worked at all.  I always look forward to learning new things and meeting people.”

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