A Beginner’s Guide To Email List Building

A Beginner’s Guide To Email List Building


It’s important to have online marketing strategies in order to gain exposure for your company.  There are numerous strategies that can be used, and email list building is one of the best options due to its cost-effectiveness. It’s reported by the Direct Marketing Association that for every dollar you spend on an email marketing plan, you will get $43 back in return. Sweet deal, right? Yes, but you still have to put a fair amount of work in to get the ball rolling and actually building your list.

This article will provide some information on how to begin marketing your business and offer email list building tips.


1. Use A Reliable Auto-Responder. This is a Must.

One of the most important email list building tips is to use an auto responder.  This will make it easier to email your full subscriber list without needing to send the email yourself.  By setting up an auto responder feature you can create personalized emails that will be sent out at specific times and dates, which helps reduce the chance of anything sabotaging your email marketing efforts (like yourself).  There are numerous types of software available online and in retail stores that can help with this function.  One of the most effective, and recommended for beginners, is Aweber (affiliate link). It’s what was recommended to me over and over before I finally drank the Kool-Aid, and with no regrets. 🙂

2. Offer Something of Value That’s Good Enough to Pay For. Then Make It Free.

An effective means of building your email list is by including a free incentive for potential subscribers. The key is that this freebie must be so valuable that they would have paid for it, because then it becomes a no-brainer for them to provide a simple email address to access it. The most popular type of free offers will include a video tutorial, report or audio item, or an e-book.

3. Consider Using a Capture Page

A traditional landing page will present the viewer with information about your business, what services are being offered, how to contact the company, as well as a subscribe button either on the side bar or at the bottom.  While it is important to have this information, it can be disadvantageous if the visitor is required to scroll down several times to reach the subscribe button.  Instead, consider using a capture page where the landing page has a graphic report or video tutorial of the business with the email subscription button clearly displayed without having to scroll down.  Of course, if there is a need to scroll, then one scroll down should be fine, but generally more than that and your visitor may lose interest. We have amazingly short attention spans, don’t we?

Final words on the matter

Starting on online business or gaining exposure online can be daunting; however by following the email list building tips set out above, you have a greater chance of gaining exposure sooner rather than later. It’s a good start.

You can check out Aweber.com here. (affiliate link)

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