3 Business Email Marketing Tips

3 Business Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is the modern day version of sending out advertisements and flyers to people whose addresses you once had. The addresses have been replaced by smaller and much easier to list single line email addresses. Earlier people were wary of the junk mail they received in post boxes. Nowadays people do not open mail that is quite often consigned automatically to their spam folders by the providers of their Email services.

To make email effective you need to follow certain conventions that will keep the mail from going to the spam folder and translating into the action that you want from the customer.

Make It Attractive

Make it attractive for the customers to register with you for receiving your mail through a well written blog, or the use of a social marketing site, that gives them enough information to attract their interest. This page where people having these interests search for, or land up on, must contain an easy-to-fill form that does not ask for too many details, and also assures the visitor to the page of what can be expected from any mails sent to them. If they are interested, they will fill out the form with their name and email address, which you must immediately acknowledge through an automated welcome email. At this stage, they may be asked for more details in the form of a survey for collecting information, which can be useful for your sales teams to address specific requirements.

Tailor The Content To Their Interests

The second of the 3 business email marketing tips has to deal with the content of any mail or newsletter that you send them in future. It must be relevant to any interests they have indicated, as sending a general newsletter that contains information of concern to all groups of customers, can be too long and likely to remain unread. You can briefly touch on other subjects, and direct the viewer to other pages, if they want additional information. Edit your letters so that they are brief and informative, and still allow the viewer to look for additional information. Make your information shareable easily, as this can help you in your own marketing efforts, when viewers forward your mails to others who share common interests. This will help to expand your customer base.

Be Friendly and Approachable

The third of the 3 business Email marketing tips has to be with the tone of your mail. It must be friendly and not patronizing, using first names, without being too familiar. Make sure your mail is never repetitive. This can be ensured by keeping proper lists of emails sent out, with definite subject lines, which must never be repeated.

The bottom line is that you need to be your awesome self. That is the unique element that only you bring to your subscribers. If you’re quirky, let it shine through! If you’re passionate, then don’t hold yourself back! If you’re playful, then be playful (but not inappropriate) in your emails! 🙂

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